Hi, folks, not to sound like a broken record, but I’m back… again. I kind of fell of the blogging wagon when I got sick around February last year. And once you fall off this wagon it’s kind of hard to get back on it. But here I go once again. This post is kind of not really what I thought I’d do here on this blog, my original plan was to concentrate on ootd posts, but I felt like it would be nice & kind of necessary to bring you up to date with my life, and also quickly talk about an idea that I got — something that I’d like to do on this blog.

I’m going to give a quick recap of my 2017 aka basically just the trips that I went on:

In March I went on a quick trip to Naples, FL. We went to the beach to watch the sunset, a truly beautiful sight to behold, despite the fact that it was freezing we still managed to enjoy the sunset. Florida has spoiled me so much with its warm weather that whenever it drops to 70F or below, I’m miserable and incapable of handling the cold.

In June my sister and I went to Chicago, we know people there so we got to stay with them, which was wonderful. We had a great time and found ourselves falling in love with Chicago and its overall atmosphere. To me Chicago is like New York’s more peaceful younger sister, they have a similar feel and look to them.

In October my sister and I traveled to New York City, we’ve been there before, but since NYC is enormous we still had a lot to see and do. And there still remains so much that I want to do in NYC, can’t wait till I have the chance to go back again!

In December I flew to Tallinn, Estonia, my hometown. I hadn’t been back in almost four years,  so it was quite good to see my loved ones and also to witness how much the city has changed since my move to the states. I spent my Christmas in Estonia & traveled back home on the 28th. December was also when I graduated from college. And now, in January, I turned 24. And that pretty much gives you a very quick update on what I’ve been up to since February.

As I mentioned, I have a little something-something that I’d like to do on this blog. I am a big lover of books, they take up a pretty big part of my life, so I thought that maybe I could either upload monthly videos or write monthly posts where I review the books I read each month. I hope you guys are as fond of the idea as I am. In the meantime you can go and take a look at my Goodreads account.

I guess that’s it for this time. I don’t plan to keep you waiting as long for the next post as you had to wait for this one. Oh, and Happy New Year!

— Carmen

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