Let’s not talk about the tragic state of my hair in these pictures, it was so windy when I was trying to take these & it was just impossible to fix my hair, to make it look a bit more decent. As you can tell, looking at my face in the first picture, I was pretty done with the wind, ha-ha. Oh well. This is what I wore on Monday (January 30th).

Üritagem mitte pöörata erilist tähelepanu mu Kunksmoori soengule. Väljas oli nii kohutavalt tuuline, et ma lihtsalt ei olnud võimeline oma juukseid taltsutama. Mu nägu esimesel pildil ütleb kõik, mis vaja teada selle tuule kohta. Igatahes, see outfit on esmaspäevast (30nes jaanuar).

— Carmen

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Taking these made me realize how awkward I am in front of the camera, so that was a fun experience. I think it’s due to the fact that I know that I’m not the most photogenic of people and therefore rarely let people photograph me and now that has caused me not to know what to do once in front of the camera. Hopefully that’s something I can work on.

When I started this blog thing I vowed to myself not to get too personal on here and here we are, I’m already talking about one of my weaknesses. Great start.

Nende piltide tegemise käigus jõudsin ma järeldusele, et ma olen kaamera ees suhteliselt kohmetu. Ma arvan, et põhjus peitub teadmises, et minu puhul ei ole tegu just kõige fotogeenilisema inimesega, mistõttu minust eriti pilte ei leia, kuid see on ka arvatavasti põhjuseks miks ma ei oska kuidagi seista ega olla, kui on vaja pildi jaoks poseerida. Loodetavasti saan ma sellest ebakindlusest varsti lahti.

Blogimise alustamisel sai endale lubatud, et ei hakka siin liialt isiklikku juttu peksma & juba ma avaldasin ühe oma suurima ebakindluse. Paljutõotav algus.

— Carmen

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Guess who’s back, back again, Carmen is back, go tell a friend. Now that a couple of years have passed since my last try at this let’s-have-a-blog thing, I decided to give this whole blogging business another go.

These pictures were taken on my iPhone since I currently don’t own a tripod & I couldn’t figure out where to put my camera to get a good angle. So I have to go to Best Buy or order one online asap, otherwise the quality of the content here is going to suffer… greatly.

Also, I need to go and scout for proper shooting locations. So many things to do. Just kidding, I’m not really complaining. It’s fun.

Oh, I almost forgot, I had found this really nice and minimalistic theme for the blog on Etsy, like a year ago, I think. I thought that I bookmarked it, however, to my great surprise I couldn’t locate the theme in my bookmarks, so now I have to find the time to search for a new one. In the meantime I’m going to use this basic theme, bear with me, please and thank you.

— Carmen.

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