• ootd
  • 1/24/17

    Guess who’s back, back again, Carmen is back, go tell a friend. Now that a couple of years have passed since my last try at this let’s-have-a-blog thing, I decided to give this whole blogging business another go.

    These pictures were taken on my iPhone since I currently don’t own a tripod & I couldn’t figure out where to put my camera to get a good angle. So I have to go to Best Buy or order one online asap, otherwise the quality of the content here is going to suffer… greatly.

    Also, I need to go and scout for proper shooting locations. So many things to do. Just kidding, I’m not really complaining. It’s fun.

    Oh, I almost forgot, I had found this really nice and minimalistic theme for the blog on Etsy, like a year ago, I think. I thought that I bookmarked it, however, to my great surprise I couldn’t locate the theme in my bookmarks, so now I have to find the time to search for a new one. In the meantime I’m going to use this basic theme, bear with me, please and thank you.

    — Carmen.

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